25 February 2013

yellow well-oh!

Oh dear, it has been so long! I cannot defend my busy-ness as I have no idea what I have busy about. It probably is all my stress from work (because I'm going for a career change) and probably my current need to bake the perfect macaron (I'm already on v6.0).

So now I'm looking into my stock posts that I haven't gotten into publishing yet. Thankfully, I still have a bit on hand, but am very worried because I haven't added to it, seeing as I have to wear a stupid uniform everyday (yeah, I'm still not over this). Anyway, onto the outfit. I had brought home these cheery bright yellow sandals from Australia (yeah, I got them for AUD5 from Rubi at Market City ^_^) and I haven't had the chance to wear them since. So when I realized that one of my dresses was a faint shade of yellow (under the florals), I immediately decided to wear it with my sunny sandals for half a day at work (I know, it looked so casual, but not to worry, I have nude pumps in my drawer at the office) onto a day of errands for school and a much needed mani-pedi session. I love how this outfit came together. It looked so cheery, so unlike my mood for the past few months.

Dress - Forever21
Cardigan - gifted from Australia
Sandals - Rubi
Yellow Bag - Belladona
Watch - Guess
Necklace - Forever21
Mint Green Ring - Divisoria

08 February 2013

ticket to target

Can somebody just bring Target here to the Philippines and bring all the collaborative collections with them? Because the Prabal Gurung for Target collection is going to be launched on February 10, and it is beautiful! The digital prings on the dresses? And bags? And shoes? So lust worthy! Can we just make all these beautifully designed things more accessible?

Annaleigh Tipton wearing a  colourful nolita-print shirtdress (USD39.99)

05 February 2013

to butuan with a backpack (part 5 of 5)

Finally! Last post in my CARAGA Travel adventure series!

We didn't have anything planned for the last day, just some souvenir shopping before going home. We headed out for breakfast, and being subjected to eating carinderia and bakery food the past four days left me craving for some fast food, so we went around Butuan in search of some. We found a McDonalds just outside a shopping center and had a good ol' fashioned city breakfast. By the time we were done eating, the mall was open so we went in, walking around, looking for nothing. After a while, we walked the streets, occassionally going into souvenir shops and an occassional product show room. We bought the basic souvenir items, and I also got something I may be able to use in my Christmas wrapping. 
Burnt. This is in our room at Julian's Inn

04 February 2013

tea time

One week night, my college friend invited me to have dinner in Makati just because she missed me. Well that and because one of our friends was going to Dubai (see previous outfit post for details).  This was when i still had no office uniform and before my sale splurge.
Lace Top - thrifted
Skirt - Borrowed
Cardigan - Landmark
Belt - Promod
Shoes - Charled and Keith
Watch - Fossil

28 January 2013

stripes and sands

It's been  officially a week since I've been wearing an office uniform (no, we don't have washday fridays) and I miss wearing my own clothes terribly and I can't take outfit photos, unless I want to have dozens of photographs of me wearing the same shit. I have a bit of OOTD posts queued up so I think now is the time to bring 'em on out.

I know, I know, I still have one more post for my Butuan adventure, plus my other vacations post, but I'm currently trying to prioritize my school work (yep, I will not bring another term to waste!) so I'll get into those later. I have also been active with my Test Kitchen and would very much like to blog about that, but again, it has to wait. And I have my take on Emily Owens MD to do, but I plan to publish that post-mortem (2 more eps to go! Kinda sad but excited.) Anywhoo, enough boring you with my future plans. Onto the outfit!

Dress - some random department store in Australia
Chambray Shirt - Supre
Bag - stall at Cagsawa Ruins
Watch - Timex
Bracelet - gifted
Spiral Ring - Divisoria

25 January 2013

candies at clark

Yesterday, I was tasked to go on an off-site plant visit in Clark, Pampanga. I left the office early with five other colleagues to inspected two industrial plants. Personally, I love plant (or site, for that matter) visits because I am amazed with what goes on there. It is just so out of the ordinary and something you just don't see everyday. It's kind of like watching How Do They Do It on NatGeo (or is it Discovery) except it appeals to more senses -- smelling the industrial chemicals, feeling the hot furnace, touching *some* of the work in process. It's amazing, and it's one of the things I love in working in this industry.

Anyhoo, we were done by lunch time, and my colleagues decided to pass by a grocery. We all know that Clark is an air base, a duty free zone and is home to several economic/industrial parks which makes it a melting pot of expats and foreign militia and one can expect exclusively imported and cheaper (duty free, remember) products in their stores. 

My other colleagues spent thousands buying imported canned goods, snacks (Piknik has been scarce in the local grocery) and candies. A lot of the items there were readily available at S&R and selected local groceries, so I didn't really bother to shop. I was originally looking for M&M's Orange (which I first bought at Subic Duty Free several years ago), but I have a feeling it has been discontinued. Plus the Clark Duty Free selection wasn't as extensive as those in Subic. I did however, find two candies that were to my liking. 
Image Source

Image Source

23 January 2013

of seasons and sales

This week marks the first week that I am to wear a uniform at work. While all my colleagues were complaining about the poor quality and service of the uniform maker, I was quietly rejoicing not yet having my uniform in proper order so I can wear my own clothes. Because I just recently bought so much. Har.

Many of us know that annually one has to save a substantial amount of money to be used on January and July. One also knows that if one only "HAS TO HAVE" (as opposed to "NEED TO HAVE") an article of clothing, then self control must be practiced until January or July. Why, you ask? Because those months play host to the End of Season Sales of our favorite brands. It is a well known fact that botiques and shops in general follow the western seasons and major line turn over happens at the end of winter and summer. And since January plays host to End of Winter Season sale, racks are filled with darker colored dresses, heavier fabrics and divine outerwear. Not really appropriate for a tropical country, but something we can get away with in the work place.

So during the first weeks of January, as I was going around town scheduling catch up dinners with several friends I couldn't stop myself from checking out stores, mainly my favorites, especially with their large sale banners screaming at me to go in.